Barnett + Coloccia

Visual artist, musician and composer Faith Coloccia was a founding member of experimental group Everlovely Lightningheart, and is perhaps best known as one half of Mamiffer (alongside Aaron Turner, with whom she also runs the SIGE label and publishing imprint). She has contributed to recordings by House Of Low Culture, Boris and William Fowler Collins among others, and collaborated recently with Circle and Daniel Menche. Her work has appeared on such labels as Hydra Head, Daymare, Conspiracy Recordings and Profound Lore.

Alex Barnett played in Oakeater but since 2009 has been active primarily as a solo artist, with releases on Catholic Tapes, DRAFT, Nihilist and others. Most recently he contributed to the Mamiffer/Locrian record Bless Them That Curse You.

The duo debuted their collaborative project on Blackest Ever Black in 2013, in the shape of Retrieval – an album about time and place, synthesis and environment, combining elements of minimal synth, musique concrète, techno and modern composition. Its sequel, 2015’s Weld, embodies a series of experiential philosophies and objectives: searching for the sacred in the forgotten and supposedly useless; exploring the meaning of “natural”; listening for the pulse of the ancient; using technology both to materialise memory and to dream a folklore for a future age.

Working with synthesizers, affected vocals, raw electrical noise, field recordings, EVP techniques, tape manipulation and drum machines, Barnett + Coloccia’s special facility with the interpenetrating mechanisms of time, space and tone yields a music at once lucid and mystic.