I know what I must do   


Track notes by William Bennett


The Claw
based on a powerful modern visualisation spell

I Know What I Must Do
originally composed for a traditional Greek music project I was working on

Damballah 58
after spending months working and imagining beats like this without getting anywhere, suddenly and with great relief, the theme appeared from nowhere as if from the heavens

Parataxic Distortion

Festival Of The Dead
the basic beat came out of the blue one night and I made several very different versions of this title track, the mood of this one seemed to fit in best with the record

Belladonna Theme
music from the documentary film about superstar porn actress Belladonna

Vaudou Take Me High
original version of this was nearly twenty minutes long!

this is a sister piece to Impassion and Inchantment from previous releases, hence the unusual spelling

None Of Your Bones Are Broken
inspired after watching the same incredible film three times consecutively, if you’ve seen it you’ll know which it is

Madwoman (Festival Remix)
after trying out all sorts of Madwoman variations in a live setting, this one had the type of sound that best seemed to work

Fruit Is Ripe
originally written for a soundtrack (sadly never used)

Fire Ends The Day
currently working on a lot more of this type of sound