Gdzieś Ty Byla?   


Next Friday, as part of the 2014 Unsound festival, Księżyc will perform live at Krakow’s Kościół św. Katarzyny – for fans of this extraordinary Polish group, it is a momentous occasion. Księżyc haven’t been active since 1996, the year that they released their sole, self-titled album on the OBUH label, having debuted three years earlier with the Nów 7″.

Their music is a captivating, highly original synthesis of the medieval and the modern, rooted in the Slavic tradition but employing elements of 20th century minimalism and vocal experimentation, with disquieting, fairy tale-inspired lyrics by Remigiusz Mazur-Hanaj. This cursory description, of course, doesn’t do justice – listen to this, or this, for a better sense of the forces at work.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, their silence, interest in the band has grown significantly over the past 18 years – culminating in Penultimate Press‘s 2014 remastered LP edition of the album – its first outing on 12″, having previously been issued as only a cassette and a 10″ (with notably inferior sound quality).

Ahead of the Unsound concert, we’re tremendously pleased to be able to say that there will be a new vinyl release by Księżyc on Blackest Ever Black in 2015. We’re unable to go into more detail now, but will of course update you further as soon as it’s appropriate.