Guard your time carefully   

Friday just gone (October 30), we dispatched with the second and final of Blackest Ever Black’s fifth birthday celebrations, at Berghain in Berlin. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists who performed at this event, and at the London event at the ICA back in September: Raime, Regis, Prurient, Tropic of Cancer, Felix K, Philipp and Ian Death Disco, Diat, Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay, Af Ursin, Officer!, Ashtray Navigations, F ingers, Stefan Jaworzyn, Dalhous, AD Jacques, William Bennett and Brian Not Brian.

Thanks too to: Matt Williams, Ben Moon and all at ICA; Andre, Andreas, Jan, Martin and all at Berghain; Sanjay, Greg, Laura, Sam Dunn, Jack Bond, Thomas and Black Ink Press, Oliver Smith, Jasmine Deporta, Snowman, Ben Britto, Lisa Fairview and Andrew, and not forgetting the numerous support staff who helped keep the wheels on the bus, and in some cases helped build the bus in the first place.

While I’m in a sentimental mood, or more sentimental than usual at any rate, I’d like to say a final word of thanks to all the artists and technicians who’ve contributed to the label, and to those fans and friends who’ve supported us, over the past five years.