Latest warehouse finds, re-stocks and distro additions in Blackest webshop   


We’ve found a few copies of some out-of-print and sought after BEB titles from 2013-14, including Prurient’s Through The Window LP, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement’s Black Magic Cannot Cross Water LP, and Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards’ How Great A Fame Has Departed? 10″. Also vinyl and CD re-stocks of albums from Black Rain, Dalhous, Raspberry Bulbs, Secret Boyfriend, Barnett + Coloccia, Tropic of Cancer, Lustmord, Weekend and Killing Sound.

In terms of distro stock, we have three new hand-picked titles in from Static Shock UK: Sheer Mag’s rampaging debut EP, a lush reissue of Ultra-Violent’s pulverising Crime For Revenge 7″ and a killer 12″ of strung-out D-beat from Impalers. Also last remaining copies of Richard Youngs’ “dub” CD on Fourth Dimension, Primary Concrete Attack and a pair of Stefan Jaworzyn’s thoroughly essential Eaten Away By Shadows comps, also on CD. Last but not least, we found a few unsold copies of the limited edition Lustmord art print by Simon Fowler; needless to say, these will not come round again.

View the full offering here.

UPDATE: The Prurient and Rainforest LPs are now gone, but we’ll be getting hold of some more at the end of June. The other bits and pieces mentioned above we still have, and we’ve also just added a couple of excellent 2012/13 LPs on Jartecknet, Bremen’s debut LP on Skrammel, and Mischa Pavlovski’s Kapitel on Posh Isolation.