Magic roundabout   


Thanks to our man Chris Farrell for putting on the Idle Hands & Blackest Ever Black party in Bristol last weekend, and for bringing the janitor over. Had a lot of fun, which isn’t something I say very often these days.

Compliments especially to Rhythmic Theory (first time I’ve ever seen him play out: murderer) and Ossia (pictured above), whose incredible set of breakneck techno was not at all what I expected, but exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you Bristol people: Richard Carnes, Andy Payback, Ruffhouse, Alex Tape-Echo, Shanti Celeste, Daisy Moon, Benji Semtek. Already looking forward to next time, if there is one. There certainly should be.

In a week or so we¬†should have a few offset prints of the poster for the night, designed by Tape-Echo, available from the BEB webshop, Idle Hands and Ossia’s RWD>>FWD. Will let you know.

Rhythmic Theory’s release on our A14 imprint, Forgotten Realms, is out now; we’re currently out of stock but should have a handful more copies. Ossia’s ‘Red X’ 12″ for Blackest is now sold out at source, but you can still find it in shops at more or less RRP; the title track is finally available digitally, but only as part of our Radio Caliban: Blackest Ever Black “Singles” 2015 compilation (also available on cassette).