Raime 5-hour DJ set this weekend for Sisters Uncut   

Raime - press - June 2016

Raime play a 5-hour set – which will apparently cover ““post-punk, no-wave, drone, avant, cold wave, electro, techno, hip-hop, garage, techno, house, hardcore, jungle and various gaps in between” at DIY Space For London this Saturday 20th August, in aid of feminist anti-austerity group Sisters Uncut and the fight against UK government cuts to domestic violence services. “Simple, informal affair: 6 – 11pm, £4 in advance or OTD”.

Their May 13th DJ mix/show for NTS is finally available to download via Soundcloud:

And in other Raime-related news, they participated in a “Fireside Chat” interview with Red Bull Music Academy Radio, in which they talk in-depth about their approach to music and production. I don’t think I’ve read, seen or heard any interview with them that explores this thoroughly their ideas and motivations, and as such it’s an essential listen for fans of their work: