LP vinyl re-mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Air Studios, London.


  • A1. Lo Tek
  • A2. Night City.Tokyo
  • A3. Lo Tek Bridge
  • A4. Biotechno
  • B1. Lo Tek Bridge Two
  • B2. Now I’m Just A Number
  • B3. Lo Tek Musicm
Black Rain

Now I’m Just A Number: Soundtracks 1994-95   BLACKEST007


Black Rain was a project formed in New York City by Stuart Argabright of revered no wave / post-punk outfit Ike Yard.

Originally conceived as an industrial death metal band (they supported G.G. Allin on his last ever show in NYC), over time Black Rain was whittled down to a two-piece – Argabright and Shinichi Shimokawa – and began to focus on a more electronic, minimalist and rhythm-centric sound.

Argabright and Shimokawa were commissioned to create an original score Robert Longo’s 1995 film Johnny Mnemonic, scripted by William Gibson and starring Keanu Reeves. As you know, the film was a turkey, and it’s probably merciful that Black Rain’s music was almost entirely left out of the final cut.

This “lost” soundtrack music, together with other contemporaneous Black Rain originals created for an audiobook edition of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, were collected on the now out-of-print CD album 1.0 (Fifth Colvmn, 1995), and largely forgotten.

This LP release on Blackest Ever Black collects the best Black Rain instrumentals from those ’94-’95 sessions: seven richly atmospheric, brooding rhythm tracks that together constitute a lost classic of post-industrial music, and a genuine cyberpunk artifact.

It’s the first time that this music has appeared on vinyl. The tracklist was selected by Blackest Ever Black; the tracks were then extracted from the original DATs in New York by Stuart Argabright, before being re-mastered and cut for vinyl at Air Studios in London.