Written and produced by Camella Lobo & Juan Mendez.
Released March 2011.

Recorded over three days in the Northeast. Dedicated to the loved and lost.

Mastered by Matt Colton at Air, London. 12″ pressed at Record Industry.

First edition (March 2011)  housed in LP-style picture sleeve with black paper inner. A second edition, released in Summer 2011, was housed in black paper inner only, with exclusive A4 insert photocopied on yellow card. The first and second editions have the same catalogue number (BLACKEST003) and were both distributed by Veto Music Wholesale, Birmingham, UK. The EP was also released digitally.

A limited third edition (500 copies) was released in Summer 2013. This 12″ was pressed at Optimal, on clear vinyl, and housed in a replica of the first edition’s picture sleeve. It was distributed by Cargo Records, London, UK.


  • A1. A Color
  • A2. Temporal Vessels
  • B1. Dive (Wheel Of The Law)
Tropic of Cancer–

The Sorrow Of Two Blooms   BLACKEST003 | BLACKEST003B


Original press release (2011):

“Blackest Ever Black returns for 2011 with a new EP of crushing, sensuous darkwave pop from Tropic of Cancer – follow-up to the two much-loved 10″s on Downwards,’The Dull Age’ and ‘Be Brave’. Tropic of Cancer is the LA-based duo of Camella Lobo and Juan Mendez. Mendez is best known as Silent Servant, venerable techno producer, former Cytrax boss and core member of the Sandwell District collective. With Lobo he makes raw, visceral music in the loose tradition of minimal synth, post-punk, industrial and goth, produced with authority and a supremely evolved grasp of spatial arrangement.”

Additional notes (2022):

There have been three editions of this record to date. The first was housed in a full picture sleeve; the second, issued a few months later and with the same catalogue number, came without the picture sleeve but with a printed card insert instead. In Summer 2013, a third edition, limited to 500 copies and pressed on clear vinyl, was released – it bore a new catalogue number, BLACKEST003B, and was housed in a replica of the first edition’s picture sleeve.