Krokodilo Tapes from Chris Farrell and New Private Window


The latest two instalments in our Krokodilo Tapes are available to pre-order now. No Vampire is a slaughtering 90-minute reggae mixtape from our old friend Chris Farrell, the man behind the Idle Hands record store and label in Bristol; The Desperate Hours is a collage of “self-surveilling internet field recordings and derivative, masturbatory ambience” by Leicester’s New Private Window.

Each of these titles is available in an edition of 100.


New pair of Kroks


We’re currently preparing two new Krokodilo Tapes: A self-titled, split release from Penile Colonie / Prison Planet (the first original material to see release on Krokodilo since Thought Broadcast and Gnod’s 2013 offerings), and the second in the planned trilogy of mixtapes from Gewissen. Edition of 75 in both cases, due to go up for pre-order around 5pm CET today (April 16, 2015).


Krokodilo warehouse finds


Just stumbled upon some unsold Krokodilo cassettes, all rare and out-of-print mixtapes from last year: first editions of Brian No Brian’s Holywell Session, Nina’s No Observable Effect Concentration, Gewissen’s Robisheaux Reminds Us  and Blackest Ever Black’s What I Learned On My Holidays, to be exact. 3-10 copies of each, undoubtedly the last reserves, available to buy in the shop and ready to ship.


Nina’s “No Observable Effect Concentration” now available to stream

You can now listen to No Observable Effect Concentration, the mixtape that the Golden Pudel’s Nina recorded for our Krokodilo Tapes series, via Soundcloud. Both the first and second editions of the cassette are long since sold out, but the masochists among you can find more information here.

Nina will be playing at the BEB night in Berlin this November; details soon.