A note from the administration

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A general update on incoming releases. After a delay due in equal parts to the Record Store Day fall-out and some last minute design tweaks, the physical and digital release of Barnett + Coloccia‘s Weld (BLACKEST042) has been pushed back a couple of weeks to June 15 (copies pre-ordered direct from Blackest will ship a week earlier) – apologies for any inconvenience this might cause you. Six Six SecondsTearing Down Heaven 10″ and digital release (BLACKEST038) will be available at the same time.

Also running a little late, this time due to a manufacturing fault beyond our control: I Can’t Give You the Life You Want (BLACKESTUSA001), the US compilation we’re putting out in association with LA’s Mount Analog. We’re working hard to have it ready to ship before the end of June; we’ll update you as soon as we have a clearer idea of whether we’re going to succeed.

Attentive listeners to our Berlin Community Radio show will be aware of a forthcoming Ossia 12″ (BLACKEST046) due out on Blackest Ever Black in June/July; we also have an LP from F ingers (BLACKEST044) and a 12″ EP from Rat Columns (BLACKEST043) coming out this summer, and a 2xLP/CD/digital compilation of Regis‘s BEB productions, including several previous unreleased tracks, is slated for August. All of the above will be available to pre-order soon.

Other things that will be emerging over the course of the next 6-8 months: new titles from Secret Boyfriend (BLACKEST045), Dalhous, BremenTarquin Manek and Tropic of Cancer (a new EP); the AD Jacques LP we’ve been promising since 2012; the second release on our A14 sub-label; and several archival editions. And yes, the new album from Raime will be out in Autumn of this year.

Thanks, as ever, for your attention.