Tropic of Cancer 2015 European tour, LA send-off


Tropic of Cancer are touring Europe this year, for the first time since 2013, and for the first time in their new three-piece live configuration: Camella Lobo will be joined on-stage by Taylor Burch (Dva Damas) and Joshua Eustis (Sons of Madgalene, Telefon Tel Aviv).

The dates are listed on the poster above, and include the now sold-out show at Berlin’s Berghain as part of the Five Wretched Years of Blackest Ever Black showcase there. Please note that while the early concert part of the evening (Tropic of Cancer + Diät) is completely sold out, and advance tickets are no longer on sale, there will be plenty of tickets available on the door for the second part of the event, which commences at midnight and features Raime (live), Prurient (live), Regis and Felix K.

Before they head our way, Tropic of Cancer will play a send-off show in Los Angeles – their only remaining US date of the year. Presented by Werkartz and Mount Analog, this intimate gig will take place at Werkartz, Arts District, 927 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021, on Saturday 17 October. More information here.

Tropic of Cancer’s new EP, Stop Suffering, and their Archive: The Downwards Singles reissue 12″, are both due to be released at the start of November. A limited edition, tour-only cassette featuring both releases on one tape, with exclusive artwork, is currently being prepped.


Tropic of Cancer: new EP and reissue 12″


Following their contribution to our I Can’t Give You The Life You Want compilation, we’re pleased to announce the return of Camella Lobo’s Tropic of Cancer with a new EP, Stop Suffering.



blackest041-packshot-0815This three-track 12″ and digital EP, with cover photography by Jasmine Deporta, is due to be released on October 30, 2015. We will simultaneously be releasing a Tropic of Cancer 12″ entitled Archive: The Downwards Singles, which collects the three original songs (‘The Dull Age’, ‘Victims’ and ‘Be Brave’) from TOC’s brace of 2009-11 Downwards singles on one 12″, with new artwork by Silent Editions.

Tropic of Cancer will be touring Europe this Autumn; full dates to follow.


Tropic of Cancer: ‘I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over’


‘I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over’ is a new song by Tropic of Cancer, the project’s first since 2013’s Restless Idylls LP.

It appears on the upcoming, US-only Blackest Ever Black compilation I Can’t Give You The Life You Want (BLACKESTUSA001), released in collaboration with LA’s Mount Analog. Originally slated for release in June, manufacturing issues mean the LP will now land in September 2015. As well as Tropic of Cancer’s contribution, it features exclusive tracks by Tarcar, Bremen, Cut Hands, Dalhous, Infrastructure Zero, 500 Stamps, Tarquin Manek, Barnett + Coloccia, Exploring Jezebel and Secret Boyfriend.

Tropic of Cancer will also release a new, three-track EP on Blackest Ever Black in October 2015, in addition to an archival 12″ (also on BEB) compiling the three original tracks from their brace of classic Downwards singles. Now expanded to a three-piece for live performances (with Camella Lobo joined by Dva Damas’s Taylor Burch and Telefon Tel Aviv’s Joshua Eustis), ToC will tour Europe this Autumn, including a headline appearance at the Five Years of Blackest Ever Black event at Berlin’s Berghain on October 30 (alongside Raime, Prurient, Regis, Felix K and Diät). Full tour dates will be announced soon.



Camella: “[This] was the first track I had written and recorded in more than a year.
“It’s a very personal song. I was coming out of a very rough year. I wanted to package up my feelings in order to understand them. The perspective it gave was a big relief and integral to moving forward with my life.

“I’ve entered a period where I’m much more into taking my time with everything in general. I think this track reflects that. I used to rush through the writing process instead of tending to ideas over a longer period of time.

“This track is also the first time I worked with Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv/Sons of Magdalene.) The addition of his mixing and production transformed the impact of the track and shaped it into more than I ever imagined.”

I Can’t Give You The Life You Want is available to pre-order from Mount Analog now, and comes bundled with an exclusive Blackest Ever Black mixtape entitled Truth Or Dare In North America.

Details of the new Tropic of Cancer EP will be announced in the next few weeks.


I Can’t Give You The Life You Want


I Can’t Give You The Life You Want is a new, vinyl-only US compilation from Blackest Ever Black.

Exclusively manufactured and distributed by LA’s Mount Analog record store, in a strictly limited edition of 500, it features new and previously unreleased material from Tropic of Cancer, Bremen, Cut Hands, Dalhous, Tarcar, Exploring Jezebel, Barnett + Coloccia, Secret Boyfriend, Tarquin Manek, 500 Stamps and Infrastructure Zero.

Listen to Tarcar’s contribution, ‘Eija’, here.

It will be released in the US in early June. All customers pre-ordering/buying from Mount Analog will receive a free Blackest Ever Black mixtape entitled Truth Or Dare In North America with their record. A handful of copies (without the mixtape) are available to pre-order direct from Blackest Ever Black.

More information here.