(The End of) The End of the Pier   


Not strictly speaking Blackest Ever Black¬†news, but presumably of interest to you nonetheless: the British Murder Boys’ long-promised “elegant and luxurious limited edition box set” has finally materialised, courtesy of Downwards. A bittersweet occasion, as it also marks the formal conclusion of the BMB project.

The box contains a booklet, with sleevenotes by BEB’s Kiran Sande, and two discs: Live In Tokyo, a DVD capturing the British Murder Boys’ final live performance in Japan last year (following their re-formation¬†in 2011 to play a secret set at the first Blackest Ever Black label party in London); and Recordings, a CD compiling their Downwards/Counterbalance singles. The version of ‘Learn Your Lesson’ featured is exclusive and includes, says Regis, “the unreleased DUB-RANT ending”.

More details on the package itself when we have it in our hands. A handful of copies will be available to buy from the BEB webshop, just as soon as they arrive (expected mid-late January). You can also pre-order from ReadyMade.