Vicious Circle: a new subscription service for Blackest Ever Black releases   


For the past three or four years, Blackest Ever Black’s bread and butter has been its webshop and attendant mailorder service. In this time, your loyal support (and patience when required) has been of huge importance and value to us, enabling us to maintain the frequency and (we like to think) quality of the label’s output.

For a while now, a few of you have been asking whether we might offer some kind of subscription service, allowing you to pay a lump sum upfront and be guaranteed a copy of each new release when it becomes available, rather than having to scramble

Finally, after a bit of thought, a lot of procrastination, and then shamelessly copying the approach of a couple of other labels, we’ve decided to launch just such a service – as a means to reward our most regular customers, and hopefully make their lives a little easier. And, in the tradition of such things, we’ve given this service a silly name, one which not only sounds suitably cloak-and-dagger but also alludes quite bluntly to the addictive, enslaving nature of record-collecting and indeed records themselves: the Vicious Circle.

Why bother? In brief, the advantages of becoming a member are:

  1. You’re guaranteed to receive a copy of every release, no matter how limited the pressing or edition size (in the first half of this year you can expect new releases from Dalhous, Secret Boyfriend, Raime, Carla dal Forno, Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards and more)
  2. You’ll save £2 on every vinyl release, and favourable shipping rates across the board too
  3. You’ll receive a free 12″/LP/10″/CD of your choice upon becoming a member, or a £5 credit if you prefer
  4. You’ll be entitled to free shipping on every distro item or BEB back catalogue title that you order while a member
  5. You’ll occasionally receive free and/or members-only gifts – e.g. badges, mixtapes, other trinkets
  6. You’ll receive free digital downloads of all Blackest Ever Black releases prior to their street-date, even for those releases which are vinyl-only* releases
  7. You can choose whether you wish to receive just our vinyl releases, or vinyl+tapes, or vinyl+tapes+merchandise.

Intrigued? Yes? No? Maybe? For more information on the Circle and how to apply, click here.

**Please note that membership of the V.C is currently limited to 30 members. Membership will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. The minimum first payment is £30 GBP.**

UPDATE, 11/02/16: All 30 memberships have been filled. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list and be contacted when we’re ready to accept new members, please register your interest with an email to Thank you!